Types Of Beta: The J.F. Sebastian

There is no greater teaching tool than the real-world example. The next best option is the manufactured example based on a “type” which can be found in the real world–i.e., movies.

The Manosphere is chock-full of references to the alpha-beta dynamic. But what does it mean to be an alpha or a beta? Or, more precisely, what does it look like? How exactly does the alpha succeed and the beta fail in both the hedonistic pursuit of sexual interaction and the romantic pursuit of the fulfilling relationship? In an attempt to answer this, I plan a recurring series of “Types” posts, featuring greater alphas and lesser betas and everything in between. No need to focus on omegas–just flip the channel to TLC on a weeknight sometime if you want a glimpse into that self-inflicted hell.

For my first beta type, I refer you to the sci-fi classic Blade Runner. As I watched it recently, it occurred to me how much one of the characters–J.F. Sebastian–reminded me of oh-so-many guys I’ve come across over the years.

Sebastian’s character, played by William Sanderson, is a genetic designer working for the Tyrell Corporation, which created some renegade Replicants (androids) seeking to confront their maker. Two of these Replicants–the male Batty and female Pris–use Sebastian to gain access to Tyrell, where Batty kills him (and, it is implied, Sebastian as well).

The following transcript is the scene in which Pris, who pretends to be vagabond sleeping in a pile of trash, arranges her preplanned meeting with Sebastian (my comments in crimson):

Sebastian: Hey! You forgot your bag.

Pris: I’m lost.

Sebastian: Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. (pause) What’s your name?

Pris: Pris.

Sebastian: Mine’s J. F. Sebastian.

Already he has come off as harmless as a three-legged puppy and given out his name unprovoked. Rough start.

Pris: Hi.

Sebastian: Hi. Oh, where were you going? Home?

Pris: I don’t have one. We scared each other pretty good, didn’t we?

Sebastian: We sure did.

Her frame.

Pris: I’m hungry.

J. F. Sebastian: I’ve got some stuff inside. You want to come in?

No challenge, no teasing…no fun.

Pris: I was hoping you’d say that.

As Sebastian walks up to his building to unlock the door, the camera pans on a mischievous Pris, slyly grinning as she realizes her plan is moving along swimmingly. Imagine a spoiled girl getting her daddy to cave into her desires just because she puts on the innocent act. Sebastian falls for it hook line and sinker.

[Pris and Sebastian enter building.]

Pris: Do you live in this building all by yourself?

Sebastian: Yeah, I live here pretty much alone right now. No housing shortage around here. Plenty of room for everybody. (pause)

Being a lone wolf isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s clear he’s not exactly turning on any preselection switches here.

Pris: (cough)

Sebastian: Watch out for the water.

Pris: Must get lonely here.

J. F. Sebastian: Mmm… Not really. I make friends… [Wait a second, maybe he can recover here!] They’re toys. My friends are toys. [Nevermind.] I make them. It’s a hobby. I’m a genetic designer. Do you know what that is?

Another unprovoked piece of information.

Pris: No.

Sebastian: Yoo-hoo, home again.

Toys: Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Good evening.

J. F. Sebastian: Good evening, fellas.

Toy 1: Oooh!

Sebastian: They’re my friends. I made them. Where are you’re folks?

Pris: I’m sort of an orphan.

Sebastian: Oh, what about your friends?

Pris: I have some, but I have to find them. I’ll let ’em know where I am tomorrow.

Sebastian: Oh. Can I take those things for you? They’re soaked aren’t they?

And finishes it off with a little dose of white knightery. You can see where this is going.

I won’t post any more of the script, as this is enough to demonstrate the J.F. Sebastian Beta. Suffice to say, he goes on to get embarrassingly cockblocked (Batty comes over and kisses Pris right in front of him), talks about why he is physically unable to leave Earth (caused by the “accelerated decrepitude” of Methuselah Syndrome), and gets killed in a naive effort to allow Batty to speak with Tyrell. (You can see that scene–great cinema, by the way– here. Note Sebastian’s bewildered, cowering demeanor at 1:53.)

For sake of argument, I’m treating the interactions Sebastian had with Pris as pick-up opportunities, even if the actual situation was not such. I simply analyze the interactions for what they are and what can be gleaned from them. Also keep in mind the crimson arts are more than picking up women in bars; they compose a suite of traits useful for any social encounter.

Further, I realize Blade Runner is far from being a film one watches to critique the nuances of good and bad game, but I saw in this side character a beta too blustering to pass up as an example. So then, my final assessment of the J.F. Sebastian, categorized by important aspects of game: (Ratings: Very weak, weak, moderate, strong, very strong)

Opening: Moderate. He allowed her to spook him in his territory, but she opened him (albeit for nefarious reasons) and he was, at the very least, engaging.

Negs/Teasing: Very weak. He presents no challenges. He fails to leverage the situation to his advantage by knocking her down a peg.

Qualifying: Very weak. Hmmm… strange girl in an ominous world just shows up out of nowhere and wants to come into your house and you abide without asking her a single qualifying question?

DHV: Weak. He has no friends besides toys, but at least he doesn’t apologize for it. Also, he seems to not give off the vibe he’s miserable in his situation, so it’s not his weakest attribute.

Preselection: Very weak. He is practically begging for a female visitor. Pris knows his sexual loneliness is a vulnerability and she takes full advantage of it.

Rapport: Moderate. Most betas aren’t bad at this; the problem is they focus solely on this and fall into the friend zone. Sebastian does his best to get to know her, but most of it is a barrage of the boring questions girls are all-too accustomed to hearing.

Frame Control: Very Weak. Whether it’s with Pris or Batty in later scenes, Sebastian’s world is always swallowed up by the world of his guests.

Physical (Body Language, KINO): Very weak. He has no sense of escalation, and exhibits mostly docile, even submissive, body language.

Dark Triad: Weak. He is a beacon of nonthreatening passivity, but I’ll give him points for having a mysterious aura about himself and for working for the shady corporation in charge of manufacturing vengeful androids.

FINAL ANALYSIS: The J.F. Sebastian is the guy who would be, coincidentally, the beta most likely to watch Blade Runner by himself in his studio apartment on a Friday night rather than go out. He is warm, independent, and has the ability to gain rapport and trust from a woman. He probably has a mildly interesting vocation and maybe, if a woman is willing to dig deep enough, an enigmatic existence and life philosophy. He has some major sticking points, however. He has no sense of what it means to be dominant, and is easily manipulated. His frame is feeble. He pedestalizes women and hopes they will like him for his dotty nice-guy disposition, to no avail. While he’s not necessarily an introvert, he is content with his enclosed world, and thus, his hopes of ever spreading his seed are low without massive game intervention and some friends willing to pull him out of his comfort zone.

If you have any ideas for an alpha or beta type whom I could analyze using this system, please comment here. There are scores of different types of men; I don’t put limits on how many examples I choose to learn from.