Five Roissy Quotes: Feminism Edition

It’s been awhile since I posted the last “Five Roissy Quotes.” Time to fix that. I present to you five more quotes from Chateau Heartiste, this time on the marvel that is feminism:

  • Chivalry and feminism are in fact mutually exclusive. Chivalry involves a tacit quid pro quo; men are chivalrous to women they deem are worthy of the chivalrous sacrifice. Throughout Western history, (Western only, as chivalry was a knighthood concept invented by Europeans during the Middle Ages), men have considered worthy women to be those who are relatively chaste, pure of reputation, monogamously loyal and delicate of manners. Does that describe the typical modern American feminist? Of course not. To ask the question is to laugh at the absurdity of asking it. (“Chivalry And Feminism Are Incompatible,” 4 February 2011)
  • Women who have been denied the affection and commitment of an alpha lover, or who have been driven insane with spite by the dispiriting attentions of beta males they consider below them, nurse a steady stream of agitation toward, and resentment of, men in general. Exhibit A: a disproportionate number of avowed feminists are butt ugly. Exhibit B: SWPL city girls who yearn for loving, long term relationships with powerful men but get stuck with pump and dumps by players and cloying obsessions by undersexed betas. These women have yet to be broken in; their untamed limbic mania sets the tempo of their higher thinking. They drag their owners for a walk, instead of being walked. They are obstinate, crude, and, when their feminine humours do reassert for a temporary spell, sloppily scattershot in their compassion for indigents a world away while being brutishly curt and spiteful in their dealings with men in their social orbit. Feminism speaks to them because their femininity is suppressed. (“The Training Of The Shrew,” 5 November 2010)
  • Any man who uncoercedly calls himself a feminist has announced his resignation from the order of manhood. I don’t care if you’ve spent 1,000 tours in Iraq and scalped terrorists for shits and giggles, you lop of your nuts when you sign onto the feminist agenda. Please turn yourself into soylent beta. You aren’t moral, you aren’t enlightened, you aren’t open-minded. You’re just a laughable tool. (“September 2009 Beta Of The Month,” 16 October 2009)
  • It’s funny how [George W.] Bush is so unpopular with women, especially young women and feminists, when he did the “right thing” in this situation, and when by all accounts he’s a moral exemplar of the faithful, loyal (beta) husband. And yet a guy like Bill Clinton, who in practice shit all over feminist principles by sexually harassing interns, fucking subordinates, cheating on his wife multiple times, getting blowjobs from women considerably younger than himself, and even coming dangerously close to actual rape, is beloved by women and especially by the very same feminists whose phoniness and moral relativism Clinton showcased for the world. Beautiful. (“Butt Pirates, Butt Pats, A Killer Line,” 22 August 2008)
  • Feminism is not about gender equality but about gender power. We all want a leg up in the genetic race to procreate, and for women the prerogative to fuck around with an alpha under any and all circumstances and have his kid while duping the beta husband or boyfriend to foot the bill for raising it is one they will not surrender without a fight. (“Mandatory Paternity Testing Has Arrived,” 11 March 2008)

I remember once in my first semester at college, my mangina sociology professor asked the class, “Who here is a feminist?” A few hands went up. Then, as if he were revealing the truth to us from heavenly stone tablets, he informed us that feminism is simply the belief in the equal treatment of both genders. “Who here is a feminist now?” he asked. Every hand in the class went up, including mine.

I wish I could go back in time and laugh in the face of that professor and his automaton herd of groupthinkers, but alas, I cannot (yet–the Delorean is in the shop). I’ll have to settle for contributing to the corner of the blogosphere that has opened its eyes and exposed feminism for the immoral power grab that it is.

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