The “Original” Roissy: Still Around

There have been grumblings of late around the Manosphere that the blog Chateau Heartiste (formerly Roissy in D.C.) has been taken over by authors other than the original Roissy. While it’s true that the blog changed web addresses last July, the blog has itself hinted at multiple bloggers, and he was “outed” by Lady Raine, Roissy is still the main man over there. His influence continues to be direct, not indirect.

All it took to figure this out was a quick scan through some of his early writings. No one will disagree with the premise that anything written in 2007 was a Roissy original. So, as a side project (language studies has always been one of my minor hobbies), I started searching for unusual phrases, words, and writing tics used in the first few months of Roissy in D.C. What I found was pretty clear evidence that the same guy who started the blog in 2007 continues to write for the blog in the 2010s. It is my stance that he, at the very least, writes a considerable majority of the posts at the Chateau in 2012.

Here are some of the words and phrases from 2007 posts that I found repeated in posts from 2010 (about the time people started wondering if something was up) or later. Some are repeated more than once. I have simply posted the earliest and most recent uses of each word/phrase:

I find it interesting in particular that five of these examples have all been repeated in posts from the past month or so. And this is just with phrases I happened to search (who knows what I missed) mostly from the first three months of his blog. So unless Uncle Rois is passing down specific writing styles to new blood along with his shrewd philosophy, it’s obvious he’s still the one manning the ship at the Chateau.

Some other things I noticed:

  • Without fail, when Roissy has posted in the comments of his blog, he’s always written, with the exception of a handful of posts a couple years ago, in exclusively lowercase letters. He did switch from making individual posts as Roissy at the blog’s inception to simply adding bold-styled comments at the end of others’ posts, but the style of response remains the exact same.
  • The blog has consistently provided examples of strikethrough font as sort of a sarcastic “correcting” tool. This can be seen in some of the first posts and as recently as June 2012.
  • Roissy has never followed the APA rules for putting commas inside quotation marks. All punctuation has always been outside. This is something I’ve noticed throughout the blog’s history.
  • Most importantly, the same tone is still there. The short sentences. The verbose eloquence. The facund vulgarity. The smugness. A consistent message. I’m not saying it couldn’t be duplicated, but when I read new posts from the Chateau I’m hearing the same voice that came out in his early stuff. Maybe not in every post, but most of them.

Now, as a pre-emptive strike against the haters, this endeavor took me two hours to complete — a fun little task after one of my most prolific weekends meeting girls. I thought it was necessary for anyone who considers Roissy a major influence. I know I do. The combination of the pick-up arts and certain blogs, particularly his, changed the way I perceived the world. And it’s important to me to know if the message is coming from the same person or not.

It’s also an interesting look into human thought to see how quickly people jump on the bandwagon assuming something, like that the original Roissy isn’t blogging anymore, when it’s clear to anyone observant enough that he is still alive, well, and posting some reallygoodstuff.


One Response to The “Original” Roissy: Still Around

  1. Interesting post; you make some good points.

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