It Wouldn’t Matter

I was browsing the comments of a Manosphere blog, and came across a Mystery hater who posted a link to a YouTube video of the famed pick-up artist in set displaying that he is, according to the title, a “total fraud.” The video is heavily edited, and littered with puerile, acerbic comments on the screen while showing Mystery (i.e., “zzzzz” and “Shut up faggot”).

Admittedly, it’s not Mystery’s finest moment– the majority of the time he’s rambling, repeating overused phrases, and laughing at his own jokes. No matter how obvious it is this is clearly a piece of anti-Mystery propaganda (for example, when he laughs at his own joke, the video repeats it five times), you definitely wouldn’t conclude you’re witnessing the work of the world’s greatest pick-up artist (though I thought that was a designation given to Style, not Mystery).

But so what?

This got me thinking, what if Mystery was a fraud? What if Neil Strauss and David DeAngelo and the rest of the PUAs were all frauds?

It wouldn’t matter.

There are only two reasons why Mystery or any other PUA could be deemed a fraud– a) what he preaches isn’t true, or b) he is unable to practice what he preaches.

This video, along with most any anti-game diatribe these days, is geared at making the case based off the second reason. The person who posted the video is known as “vixenlixen,” who makes it obvious he can’t debate the merits of Mystery’s tactics, considering his inane comments inserted into the video are mere hate and nothing of substance. I should also state that contrary to being the part of the gang of usual suspects of manginas and feminazis, vixenlixen appears to be a card-carrying Manosphere member himself. He posts anti-feminism videos and links to a site called the Manhood Academy. While being critical of PUA guru types like Mystery, it looks to be a solid source for a man looking to improve his social interactions. I have no beef with that.

What I do have beef with is the idea that it is necessary, like vixenlixen and Manhood Academy believe, to attack those who led the way in the PUA movement. Mystery pioneered the science of pick-up, and what he’s published has been field-tested time and time again for over a decade with success. Countless men have reaped the benefits of the Mystery Method algorithm and its modified progeny. Castigating Mystery is doing men a disservice because it is eliminating a viable option, no matter how limited it may be in scope compared to modern PUAs who have built off his work, in allowing men to get sex and love.

So now, to the only viable reason Mystery could be a fraud– he is unable to practice what he preaches. By showing unflattering footage of a pick-up artist in-field, vixenlixen hopes to discredit him, and consequently, his method. This video, however, does not achieve that goal.

First of all, we are given no context. Mystery could have been drunk, sick, or otherwise incapacitated. He did not appear to possess the swagger or eloquence that he has displayed in other similar situations. (Yet he still managed to get girls engaged– they laughed and initiated kino with him.)

Secondly, and more importantly, such is the life of ANY pick-up artist. Anyone who goes out in public on a consistent basis and has the balls to talk to girls he doesn’t know WILL experience nights like this. There WILL be awkward moments, he WILL look like a buffoon, and he WILL get rejected. Rejection is part of the game; anyone who claims otherwise is the real fraud. Mastering pick-up is, above all, going out and talking to literally thousands of women. Mystery and his disciples have made that fact clear as day in everything they’ve written. So you can watch this video and conclude Mystery is a horrible pick-up artist (despite the mountains of testimony to the contrary) or you can watch this video and learn that even the best face struggles and experience off-nights. Most of us believe we learn more from our failures than we do our successes; then why can’t we hold pick-up artists to the same standard? Do we criticize a baseball player whose batting average is .300 or do we vote to send him to the all-star game? Rhetorical.

Though I felt it was important to defend the PUAs who helped open the eyes of men like me who’ve risen from the ashes of sexual market cluelessness, most of this post was a digression from the ultimate point– that it wouldn’t matter if Mystery was a fraud. Even if Mystery sucked in set, it wouldn’t fucking matter. This whole anti-PUA fad among certain Manosphere guys is one giant shit test geared to weed out the weaklings. (Why? Less competition.) This is about your inner game, not Mystery’s. You know his basic premises are true. Learn from them what you will, add other perspectives to them as you wish, but don’t give up on the game because its pioneer looks mediocre in a 10-minute YouTube video.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Whether you believe game is a scam or not, you’re right. Whatever belief you choose will manifest in your results.

Don’t worry about what Mystery does. Worry about getting out there and mastering your own life.


6 Responses to It Wouldn’t Matter

  1. bresner23 says:

    Mystery is a fraud making a buck off of the social incompetence of naive men who don’t know any better. His system isn’t proven. That is total bullshit and his video of him boring girls proves his method is bullshit.

    There are definitely things you can do to attract women. The “Seduction Community” is made up of insecure nerds who don’t know any better. There are many men who know how to pickup women that dont’ need to wear ridiculous tophats and goggles to get the job done. And it’s fucking fraudulent to claim that there’s a scientific basis for wearing eye liner and nail polish to attract women. That’s silly rationalization if I ever saw it.

    When PUAs adapt to bitch behavior by claiming it’s part of “science” they only reinforce the emasculation of men today. It’s no wonder that many guys in the PUA scene become disillusioned and disenchanted with the Seduction Community’s cartoonish bullshit.

    Nobody is faulting men for wanting pussy. But everybody should be outing con artists like mystery and style who are keeping men in the cowardly prison they started in. The only difference is they’re trading in their tradition shackles for a top hat and goggles.

    • I find it funny the main focus of the Mystery Method continues to be Peacock Theory, to which Mystery devotes no more than a couple pages in his book, while all the other keen observations he’s made are ignored– what constitutes demonstrations of higher value and lower value, the concept of knocking women off their pedestals through teasing and negs, how to best escalate kino…and on and on and on. His method is not bullshit to the scores of men who have applied his principles with success.

      As far as peacocking goes, let’s see what Mystery himself says: its purpose is to invoke “more social pressure on you than you would normally experience, which can be used to your advantage. You demonstrate higher value when people perceive that you’re accustomed to this social pressure and otherwise unaffected by it.” So it’s not what’s being worn that is attracting women, it’s the attitude of the person wearing it. Mystery doesn’t claim you HAVE to wear “ridiculous top hats and goggles to get the job done.” Style has expounded on this by suggesting men simply wear one piece of interesting clothing. I don’t see a problem with this concept at its core. Peacocking, and consequently, Mystery’s reputation, has been blown way out of proportion by straw man arguments like these.

      • Brock, If you bothered to look at my blog for more than one microsecond, you would see that posting that video here as some sort of “alternative” viewpoint is hardly necessary. I completely agree with the message of the video. The swift, virtually all-encompassing emasculation of males in this country has been deplorable. Good for Manhood Academy for putting it up.

        Some of the strangeness aside (I have never been part of any PUA group or seminar by the way), I defend the classic pick-up artists because they teach mostly sound principles for attracting women, which thus improves the lives of many men. I don’t get in a big huff because a slightly feminine Mystery advocates peacocking; I understand the reason for it, and you as an individual are free to do it or not, to practice it to whatever extent works for you. But I’m not going to lambaste the men who led the way in bringing us game because new guys come in and disagree with a few of their teachings here and there. Merit-wise, 95% of their stuff is untouchable.

        As an aside, if anyone watches this video, listen to the statements made by Bill Maher in particular. I disagree with him on a lot of stuff, but it’s obvious he has at least taken the red pill. When it comes to male-female relations, he gets it.

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