Five Roissy Quotes: Beta Edition

Welcome to the second edition of “Five Roissy Quotes.” As an homage to the inspiration of my blog, I present five thoughts from the Chateau on betas:

  • “A beta male’s biggest shortcoming is his fear of offending his woman. Hey betas, newsflash: women WANT you to offend them. Not all the time, of course. But enough times that she is helpfully reminded of the alpha male she wants to believe you are. Sexual tension can be ramped up to incredible heights by edgy, borderline insulting banter.” (“Found! Useful Relationship Advice From A Woman,” 21 March 2011)
  • “The next time you feel the urge to send a lovingly crafted email or text or IM to a woman who you haven’t yet banged, remember this true story from the vaults of the Chateau. Visualize the hosts reading your email out loud to the guffaws of a roomful of cute girls who soften their laughter with pitying, and faintly contemptuous, hedges about what a ‘niceguy’ and ‘sweet guy’ you are, and… STOP, CROP and CULL. Stay your hand. Turn off the spigot of beta diarrhea. Calm your fiery but unfocused passion. Shut your mouth. Delete that fucking ode. Because it WILL, one way or another, one day sooner or later, be used against you in a kangaroo court of amoral soul flaying. If you want to win at this game, there is only one road to victory– penis in vagina. No amount of painstakingly composed and heartfelt emails, yearning voicemails, or chivalric IMs emanating with the faint whiff of beggary will ever match in manly will to power the physical act of fucking. That is your trump card, and nothing a woman holds can beat it.” (“Soulkill,” 14 February 2011)
  • “This canard that women can’t resist or leave abusive relationships is utter bullshit. Funny, women seem to have no trouble at all resisting the come-ons of non-assholes, or leaving relationships with beta boyfriends. Where will she go? To whom will she turn? What about the chance he might stalk her? Those questions never come up when the man she’s leaving is a man she doesn’t love.” (“Carolyn Hax, Man-Hating Algorithm,” 5 August 2010)
  • “Beta is a state of mind that can be found anywhere. It is anhedonic. Game is the cure.” (“Feminists Still Not Getting It, Never Will,” 14 July 2010)
  • “Sorry betas, your conversations don’t get overanalyzed by women. They get disappeared; sucked into a void of whitenoise. You know, kinda like how you don’t remember a single word a fat chick said to you.” (“Is College A Poon Nirvana?,” 11 February 2010)

Overcoming my natural betaness was a lengthy challenge, a battle I continue to fight. But the fight is worth it. No self-respecting man wants to be the piñata that is today’s modern American male. I’m glad I came to this understanding before it was too late.


The Uncrossable Chasm

“All you have to do to pick up chicks is to be confident, dude!”

“You don’t need to run game. Just be yourself, man.”

“If you have to go out scamming on girls to make yourself feel better, they’ll see right through it, bro.”

Odds are if a significant number of people in your life know about your aspirations to learn the Venusian Arts, you’ve heard, in one form or another, all of these retorts from eager advice-givers. Problem is, while these lines are likely fed to you with good intentions, they are all hollow platitudes, and ultimately do nothing but stunt your ability to attract women.

The reason most men get into pick-up is because their history with women is about as successful as the French Army’s history fighting wars. Obviously, these men have been doing something fundamentally wrong. And they look to the world of game to find answers.

The problem is not that these men have never heard the answers, it’s that they’ve never heard the right answers. The lines above are of the generic variety; they have no real-world application for men learning game. Naturals can get away with framing the sexual market in such simplified ways; they’ve always had confidence and never had an issue getting beautiful girls to be attracted to him. And no matter how vapid the lines may sound, they may actually help some naturals and masters keep focused on their goals.

However, recovering AFCs need a completely different brand of advice. They need more than just “confidence.” They need more than just themselves. They need systematic OUTER game intervention, the only bridge to the uncrossable chasm.

The chasm of which I speak, a chasm in which confidence is expected to appear out of the ether, is this:

MAN WITH LITTLE TO NO PAST SUCCESS WITH WOMEN  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CONFIDENT MAN HAVING SUCCESS WITH WOMEN

Because inner game rests so much on possessing legitimate, unshakeable, devil-may-care confidence, there is simply no way a man who has never been able to score women will magically cross the chasm without learning more. No amount of feelgood blather to the contrary will change the fact that having the requisite inner game, or confidence, to bed attractive women consistently is based on PAST SUCCESS.

If a man has none of that, he cannot “be himself” and suddenly find success because being himself never worked in the first place. He cannot suddenly acquire confidence from the mirthful mists because he has no experience from which to derive it. Inner game is impossible to attain without positive experiences to fall back on.

So what is such a man to do? Is he out of options? Not if we listen to Roissy, who said, “People who claim that game is trickery designed to fool women into thinking the man is alpha, are wrong. Game will actually alter your perception of yourself and create a positive power feedback loop. Game even alters hormone levels.”

Fortunately, game tactics will provide a man the framework to perfect his outer game first. A man learning correct game may not get laid or even get phone numbers right away, but if he’s doing his homework, and self-aware and self-correcting in his approaches, he will be able to, in effect, fake it til he makes it. DHV routines. Attractive anecdotes. Alpha body language. All these things will assist in creating a man who can, with enough approaches, begin to have the sexual experiences with women that will eventually help him develop his inner game, and thus, foster well-rounded game (of both the inner and outer variety). That is what leads to mastery.

But one does not need to become a master to get laid. One needs to get laid to become a master.