Fear And Control

The strange thing about fear is that by giving into it, we are manufacturing a world in which the insignificant apprehensions we choose not to confront at the time are gradually manifested in completeness later on. In other words, by not going after something we want but are afraid of, we are helping create the life we feared from the start.

Let me provide an example, a common one: the fear of approaching women. If I puss out in my quest to talk to an attractive girl I see somewhere, I am decreasing the odds of achieving the happiness and companionship I truly desire. Fear’s funny that way; it makes us think we’re taking the easy way out (hey, I didn’t have to approach a stranger and display my value to her, did I?) but in reality, a lifetime of such indecisive accumulation will manifest itself into what we fear most, from a social perspective at least– being alone.

That’s what it comes down to. Do you have a fear of approaching girls? Of course you do. As Mystery is known to point out, even the most successful PUAs still fear the approach. It’s hard-wired into all men. But odds are you also fear, in a greater degree, turning into an old man who let his life pass him by. Becoming a man who’s lived a life of involuntary celibacy. Dying a man who has never been loved.

As uncomfortable as approaches can be, they are necessary for any man not blinded by his own sorry subjectivity, a paradigm of limitation which is almost always based in some permutation of the “it’s beyond my control” philosophy.

I had a decision to make a couple years back when I learned of game and the lifestyle it espoused– I could either come to grips with the fact that my problems with women could be fixed, or I could reject it and wallow in the path of fear, self-pity, and dulcet lies. Once I realized the only thing I was victim to was my own ignorance and inexperience, I could take the crucial step in building the life that I want, not the one that I fear.

Fear can only be confronted when we decide to take control. The worst thing about the feminist-entitlement-socialist-big-government world we live in isn’t the loss of freedom per se. It is the loss of personal accountability and responsibility. The loss of freedom is an effect of this mindset, not the cause. And lives constructed in fear abound.


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