Robbie Williams Runs A Clinic

I present to you British pop singer Robbie Williams… game master:


Robbie, by virtue of rock star status alone, could be considered a super alpha male. But add to that the fact that he has extraordinary game skills, and you’ve got a great exemplar to whom any aspiring alpha male should look.

A few characteristics he exhibits (among many):

-Teasing: He doesn’t take her seriously (and based off her lame interview, why should he?). He calls her out her sloppiness. Women love that.

-Genuine humor: “My knee’s still broke, my tendon’s still snapped…” I’m laughing out loud here.

-Escalation: He builds up and takes away the sexual tension as he so desires. She loves it. Notice he doesn’t begin with extremely high levels (and thus make her uncomfortable); he waits until he know he’s hooked her. His calibration is spot-on.

-Frame: He’s basically running the interview. “Come on, one more question…”

To sum up succinctly: Williams is entertaining as hell to watch in-field and the lass interviewing him has never been more turned on in her life.