Jay Cutler, Alpha Extraordinaire

Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler ended the 2010 NFL season on the front page of the headlines, being accused of faking an injury in the Bears’ NFC Championship loss to the Packers (turns out he sprained his MCL). Now as Opening Day 2011 approaches, he’s in the news again. He dumped his reality star fiance, Kristen Cavallari, just days before the wedding.

Good for him.

Cutler is perhaps the most maligned player in the league. He’s been accused of being a crybaby and a quitter, overrated and spoiled. Don’t buy the hype. Six reasons to like #6:

  • Three-piece suits are always a good choice.
  • He nabbed an attractive high-status babe in Cavallari.
  • He’s a solid young quarterback. Broncos fans should rue the day their idiot new coach, Josh McDaniels, got rid of him. He’s by far the most gifted QB to come through Colorado since John Elway, and is easily talented enough to qualify as one of the league’s ten best. Since signing with the Bears, he has put up solid stats even with a mediocre receiving corps and an offensive line that has allowed their prime signal caller to get sacked 87 times in 31 games. Yet Cutler’s still managed to throw for almost 7,000 yards and 50 touchdown passes, not to mention win a playoff game, in that span.
  • The haters were completely misguided in their criticism of him after the championship loss to the Packers. As mentioned, his MCL was sprained. Did fans really expect him to play through an injury that his head coach figured would have possibly kept him out of a potential Super Bowl two weeks later had they advanced? The last thing you want to mess with is a knee injury, I don’t care what game it is. And then he gets criticized for not “appearing injured” on the sidelines. Let me pose a question to these dimwits: don’t you think if Cutler was faking his injury, the first thing he would have done would have been to wrench in pain all over the place? Or do they think he was applying the subtle tactic of reverse psychology? The fact is, he was physically unable to play and he took the pain (try spraining your knee sometime and tell me how it feels) like a man.
  • He dumped her before taking the unwise plunge into marriage. Good call. Cutler is 28 years old, has through-the-roof status and good looks, and the entire city of Chicago at his feet. Why end the dream by getting hitched to a girl whose fame has come from appearing in The Hills? He knew better. He knows he has options and he knows what marriage to a spoiled princess/attention whore was going to fetch him. Better to make that decision now than after she could swipe half his fortune in a messy divorce settlement 5-7 years down the road.
  • He appears to have solid relationship game. From one of Cavallari’s personal friends: “Jay Cutler was beyond controlling and didn’t really like Kristin to go out. When she did go out, he called all the time and demanded to know exactly where she was going and who she was with. He made her choose between him and being friends with a lot of her girlfriends. I’m not surprised it didn’t last.” Well maybe he had watched her season of Laguna Beach and didn’t like what he saw! Now I don’t recommend the average dude constantly calling in on his girl, but in a case like this, Cutler knew he had to keep her on a short leash. It’s obvious that whatever tactics he was using, he had hand in the relationship, and with someone of Cavallari’s sexual market value, that’s impressive, even for an NFL quarterback. Let’s not forget, also, that she was completely taken aback at the news. Who would dare dump her? A super alpha, that’s who.

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