“It’s Not Our Faults We’re Pretty”

So I was texting an ex-fling the other day (I’m not sure why I still talk to this girl, mostly because her naive mindset amuses me). A little background on our little princess: According to my source (her), she has given blow jobs to 20-30 guys. She has had sex with at least 10 guys, probably closer to 20. Now she’s back with her boyfriend whom she cheated on (slutting it up with at least 3 other guys) about a year ago. This information is all shit she’s voluntarily shared with me, no coercion necessary.

Oh, and these impressive stats are all a reflection of a girl who just turned 20. So in other words, she’s a slut. Sweet girl, but a slut. No getting around it.

Our little conversation started as the result of an old man she works with at a nursing home propositioning to have sex with her. Now, the guy is probably suffering from Alzheimer’s or lung cancer or 40 years of sexless solitude, but whatever the case, she found it to be the perfect chance to springboard into an “I hate guys” rant. Among the things she texted me (followed by my commentary after each statement):

Guys are pigs. Us girls have to put up with it the rest of our lives.

Well, at least until you turn 35 or so. As for your current situation, you poor thing. Being attractive to the opposite sex must be pure torture. Tell ya what, try living your first 25 years on this earth as a clueless (and near sexless) beta getting friend zoned by women en masse and tell me how that feels.

When she’s 50, she’ll probably begin to understand.

Girls can’t rape guys. Unless they use Viagra. Girls can be mean but so can anyone. But I’ve never heard any guy complain because he didn’t want sex.

I’ve read this back to myself multiple times and it still makes little sense to me. Trying to be funny with the Viagra statement I see. But I’ll analyze it as far as I can anyway.

Sure, girls can’t rape (though it has happened), but they can cuckold, lead along, use men at their leisure, and falsely accuse of rape. In this feminist utopia we’re currently enjoying, a girl can basically destroy a man’s soul and be considered by the masses an egalitarian hero.

And complain about no sex? As opposed to what? Should he complain that he doesn’t want sex? Should he not complain that he does want sex? Oh female “logic.”

Girls don’t thing about sex all the time or are always trying to get into guys pants.

Hahahahahahaha… A classic case of projection. For someone trashing the vice of getting into people’s pants, she sure has a lot of experience doing it. Her legs open faster than the door at Walmart on Black Friday.

Psht easy? You crazy mister. I wish we could trade places one day. You can see how hard it is really.

How hard it must be to walk into a room and watch every guy drool over you, and then, ultimately, you have your pick of the litter. Talk to me when you’re in an aspiring alpha male’s position, having to shed all your natural, friendzoney attributes, fundamentally changing your interaction style and then having to do the right things in the right order just to give yourself a chance at getting laid. You can “psht” me all day long, but I’m right. You as a an attractive 20-year old female… have…it…easy. (I’m talking about receiving sex that is, not necessarily receiving love.)

As Roissy said, “Failing to get laid is not how women are rejected; they are rejected when they don’t receive romance, love, and long term commitment from the men who fuck them. Most women under 25 with a slim and healthy 17-23 BMI profile have no trouble getting laid from the men they find attractive. Given that most young women can get sex fairly easily, falling into bed with a man, even high status men, is not much of an accomplishment.”

If we traded places i’d totally get you laid.

If you put in the work learning and applying game like I have, then sure. But if you expect to just show up and find it magically happen (like with the scores of men who have performed sexual acts with you), you’ve got another thing coming, sista.

Girls like guys they are attracted to. Not bad boys and such. That’s awful that you say that. And you wonder why girls use guys. It’s not our faults we are pretty.

For clarification, she was reacting to a shocking and completely unjustifiable (yeah, right) statement I made about how girls like bad boys.

And as far as what she wrote here, is this representative of all girls’ mindsets? Are they all this delusional when it comes to their own natures? I’m beginning to think so. To accuse someone who points out a truth obvious to anyone who opens their eyes for two seconds of being “awful” is complete and utter blindness.

And how ’bout we turn those last two sentences around on you and see how you feel about it: “And you wonder why guys use girls. It’s not our faults we are charismatic.” Did I cross a line there, darling?

The most shocking thing about this statement is that it comes from a girl who generally exhibits a very sweet and innocent demeanor. I know her true nature, but she really is as friendly of a girl as you’re going to meet. Yet she still harbors such disturbing untruths. Obviously having great looks and a nice personality doesn’t shield girls from believing their own bullshit.

I don’t usually like to have full-on conversations with people via text, but I could tell this would be golden from the start. If I was trying to game this girl, this dialogue would have never taken place. But since I wasn’t, and since I have a blog, I figured I’d allow her to elaborate. Her words confirm to me the game principle of not taking girls too seriously. Doing so (with a girl you’re pursuing or not) will drain the life out of you quicker than a knife to the brachial artery. I treat her inanity seriously on this blog however to show that… bitches… you crazy!


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