Prince Of England Game

In light of the joyous news from across the Atlantic, I bring you Prince of England Game. Good ol’ boy William is behaving just like your average beta (or RFC, Royal Frustrated Chump), allowing his bride-to-be Kate Middleton to nix an obedience clause from her wedding vow. Those of us who know what’s up are going to have to step in and take the reins.

Prince of England Game is all about options. Options come from status. Having political power (or the figurehead ersatz held by William) isn’t necessary. Charisma, however, is. We need to get to the point where we are flooded with enough possibilities of pussy that we can mentally imbue ourselves with the status of a prince. It doesn’t matter if it’s true; we just have to behave like it’s true. Imagine the difference if men started viewing themselves as the prize and not the other way around. It would make men happier, and it would make women happier. Orgasmically happier.

Obviously, William doesn’t apply Prince of England Game, although he is in a position to do it without afterthought. I illustrate for you, with the example of Will and Kate’s pre-marriage “discussion” (you can bet he didn’t put up much protest), the Alpha vs. Beta dynamic, in dramatic prose format:

Kate: Um, William dear, I think I’m gonna nix that whole obedience part out of my wedding vow.

Beta William: Oh no problem, my darling! After all, it is your special day. Anything I can do to accommodate your every request. In fact, I was going to suggest you extirpate the obedience demand anyway. A barbarian bit of chauvinism, really.

Kate: Um, William dear, I think I’m gonna nix that whole obedience part out of my wedding vow.

Alpha William: Well then I’m gonna have to nix that whole getting married to you decision.

Kate: What?

Alpha William: Yeah. I’ll just have to move on the best I can. I don’t know if I’ll even have time to meet another girl, as I’m so busy being the Prince of England.

Kate: Ya know, on second thought, I’ll just keep it in.

Alpha William: That’s right you will. Go fetch me a beer.

Think it won’t work? Think again. Giving in to demands like these increases a woman’s resentment towards you. The Prince will soon be reaping the fruits of his beta ways. I suspect the chapters in his biography will one day be entitled as such:

On getting married- Better Kate than Never

On his marriage- Will and Kate Plus Hate

On his wife’s attitude toward him- Fire at Will

On his loss of attraction for his aging wife- The Prince and the Flopper

On his fate- Royally Screwed


3 Responses to Prince Of England Game

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  2. Rivelino says:


    “Giving in to demands like these increases a woman’s resentment towards you. ”

    very true.

  3. This post was quality humor. Hard to imagine a Prince being beta. Compare William to Harry. The younger brother, though a weird-looking ginger guy, knows how to use his royal status to bone king-worthy pussy.

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