Perpetuating The Paltry Platitudes

I’m not beautiful or gorgeous. I haven’t got an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I’m far from being considered model material but I’m me. I eat junk food and love to wear my pj’s and no make up. I’m random and crazy. I am who I am- love me or not, I won’t change ME! Girls, put this as your status if you’re proud of who you are (but wouldn’t mind looking like a model).

This is the latest copy-and-paste status being posted by unattractive girls throughout the facebook world.

Oh the resolute stubbornness of some girls! Instead of looking at their repugnant faces in the mirror with a shred of humble introspection, they take the coward’s way out, hiding under the guise of being satisfied with “who they are” (even though deep down they’re miserable- does that last parenthetical line not say it all?).

Let’s not kid ourselves though; there are men out there with the same mentality- the beta male who declares his dogmatic devotion to a distorted worldview. I imagine the equivalent facebook status would look something like this:

“I’m not witty or charismatic. I haven’t got a sense of humor or a keen social sense. I’m far from being considered a pick-up artist but I’m me. I spend my life in the fantasy world of video games, love to keep myself busy with the minutia of daily life, and believe that love will fall into my lap someday as fate decides. I’m predictable and boring. I am who I am- love me or not, I won’t change ME! Boys, put this as your status if you’re proud of who you are (but wouldn’t mind being able to bed hot babes).”

Our increasingly indolent, entitlement-minded society has spawned more and more people who are numb to the concept of changing themselves. It’s gotten to the point that they actively fight against it. The mantra “Just be yourself” has sunk in like the average American’s ass into a couch cushion, and anyone who questions its validity in the real world is deemed an intolerant hater.

If you are a fat woman or a beta male trying to successfully sift your way through the dating market, it is not only advantageous to change, but imperative. If you want to find a mate who meets your standards (and who doesn’t?), then you first have to meet those standards yourself. Stop making excuses, stop with the smoke-and-mirrors tactics of hollow platitudes, and do what you need to do to be happy. Lose weight. Learn game. Step out of your comfort zone. But don’t ever settle.


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