Girlfriend Runs Toward Gunfire For Her Man

I was watching VH1’s 40 Greatest Pranks 3 the other day, and a certain Scare Tactics bit caught my attention.

I’m having trouble finding the actual prank in its entirety online, but this Scare Tactics Season 3 preview shows enough to allow me to illustrate my point. It shows our heroine from 0:30 to 0:36, 1:22 to 1:26, and again from 1:36 to 1:40.

Basically, it went down as follows: a van of friends (including our victim who looks just like Kristen Stewart, and her boyfriend, who was in on the joke) picks up a hitchhiker on the side of the road in the middle of the desert. Turns out he’s been infected with something nasty, as guys with hazmat suits pull over the van. After the hitchhiker is taken away (and then promptly shot, or so she thinks), KrisTwin’s boyfriend (who appeared to be infected) is taken away into a nearby tent. Next thing, she hears gunfire coming from the tent.

And what does she do?

She runs in after him. (See the 1:22-1:26 bit.)

How much do you care to wager her boyfriend was Alpha? (I mean, he was setting her up to get scared shitless on national TV. No beta would do that.) Our brave Bella did not cower in terror, worried only about self-preservation, like so many girls (or hell, people) would do, she went in after him, seemingly more concerned about her man’s life than her own. Her actions were so unexpected that the Scare Tactics crew had to let the cat out of the bag as soon she entered the tent- they didn’t even attempt to hide cameras in there because… well, who runs towards gunfire?

A woman in love, that’s who.

Gentlemen, this is a prime example of a boyfriend having higher status than his girlfriend- the way nature intended. KrisTwin isn’t too bad looking either, so it’s clear he’s DHV’d himself through the roof- all the way to finding a hot girlfriend willing to die for him.


P.S. Note the staunch difference in reactions between our heroine and the other girls who got pranked in this preview. Who would you rather date? KrisTwin, “I’m just a model” girl, or the bitch on the bus who couldn’t even sit in the same seat as the nearby child (whom she thought was in the same position as she was)?


One Response to Girlfriend Runs Toward Gunfire For Her Man

  1. jordan says:

    yeh i seen that episode of scare tactics the other day and i told my husband that has to be kristen stewarts long lost sister she even sounds like her

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