Prince Of England Game

In light of the joyous news from across the Atlantic, I bring you Prince of England Game. Good ol’ boy William is behaving just like your average beta (or RFC, Royal Frustrated Chump), allowing his bride-to-be Kate Middleton to nix an obedience clause from her wedding vow. Those of us who know what’s up are going to have to step in and take the reins.

Prince of England Game is all about options. Options come from status. Having political power (or the figurehead ersatz held by William) isn’t necessary. Charisma, however, is. We need to get to the point where we are flooded with enough possibilities of pussy that we can mentally imbue ourselves with the status of a prince. It doesn’t matter if it’s true; we just have to behave like it’s true. Imagine the difference if men started viewing themselves as the prize and not the other way around. It would make men happier, and it would make women happier. Orgasmically happier.

Obviously, William doesn’t apply Prince of England Game, although he is in a position to do it without afterthought. I illustrate for you, with the example of Will and Kate’s pre-marriage “discussion” (you can bet he didn’t put up much protest), the Alpha vs. Beta dynamic, in dramatic prose format:

Kate: Um, William dear, I think I’m gonna nix that whole obedience part out of my wedding vow.

Beta William: Oh no problem, my darling! After all, it is your special day. Anything I can do to accommodate your every request. In fact, I was going to suggest you extirpate the obedience demand anyway. A barbarian bit of chauvinism, really.

Kate: Um, William dear, I think I’m gonna nix that whole obedience part out of my wedding vow.

Alpha William: Well then I’m gonna have to nix that whole getting married to you decision.

Kate: What?

Alpha William: Yeah. I’ll just have to move on the best I can. I don’t know if I’ll even have time to meet another girl, as I’m so busy being the Prince of England.

Kate: Ya know, on second thought, I’ll just keep it in.

Alpha William: That’s right you will. Go fetch me a beer.

Think it won’t work? Think again. Giving in to demands like these increases a woman’s resentment towards you. The Prince will soon be reaping the fruits of his beta ways. I suspect the chapters in his biography will one day be entitled as such:

On getting married- Better Kate than Never

On his marriage- Will and Kate Plus Hate

On his wife’s attitude toward him- Fire at Will

On his loss of attraction for his aging wife- The Prince and the Flopper

On his fate- Royally Screwed


A Treatise On Game

The world of the PUAs was made known to me relatively recently, but to be honest, the things I have learned (both through reading and in the field) have been no less than life-changing. The way I view approaching strangers, attraction, relationships, sex, and the nature of females has undergone a complete and fundamental change over the past year.

For those of you unaware of the concept of game, I think it is best defined as male charisma- that curious ability to pick up attractive women based off personality, possessed by some and forever elusive to others (or so we think). The modern PUA community, pioneered by Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) and a handful of other socially adroit men, has roots tracing back to the mid 1990s. It became popularized over the next decade with the release of Neil Strauss’s The Game and Mystery’s TV Show “The Pickup Artist” on VH1. The idea of game revolves around the theory that women’s behavior can be generalized and predicted in a rather concrete and even algorithmic (e.g., the Mystery Method) way.

On the surface, game can appear to be dubious debauchery, and I wouldn’t blame someone who was apprehensive of its admonitions. But it works. I’ve observed it. The results speak for themselves. There is no denying that the application of its principles can transform previously inept men (known in the community as AFCs- average frustrated chumps, or betas) into men who can actually obtain the women they desire. (These men have become PUAs, or alphas.)

There are many brash chimeras about game, which are always at the root of the skepticism. To clearly define what game IS, let me expound upon a few misconceptions regarding what game is NOT:

-Seducing bar skanks

Probably the most common allegation against game is that it is only useful for guys who want to pick up self-loathing barflies looking for a one-night stand. Not the case. While it certainly can be used for such purposes, game is not at all centered on success within this narrow milieu. It works on all girls. Now that doesn’t mean an individual’s success rate is going to be 100% (there are too many extenuating circumstances), but it does mean that an individual is going to have noticeably more success than before he knew game. And its principles are not bound to the bar; it can work at school, church, the market, the park. During the day. At night. Anytime. Anywhere.

-Advancing the belief that men are superior to women

Game does nothing of the sort; it simply acknowledges that men are different from women. What attracts a woman is not the same as what attracts a man. What a woman looks for in a mate is not the same as what a man looks for. There are biological differences between the genders, and no matter what hard-core feminists spew to the contrary, that is the truth.

-Tricking women into attraction

Some people think that “running game” on a girl is sleight-of-hand tomfoolery. With its canned openers and systematic methods for each stage, it sure can appear that way. But when all is said and done, no woman who ends up with a man did so because she fell helplessly into some web of deceit. Ultimately, it is her choice (as it is the man’s choice to approach her) to pursue whatever intimacy ensues. If she does, it is because she is attracted to him, not because she was bamboozled. And also, while canned openers and other tactics can seem cheesy, they are necessary to learn for any student learning game. Better to open your mouth and have something interesting to say than to say nothing at all (what 90% of guys end up doing anyway). And with practice, the more puerile aspects of game fade away and the man is transformed into someone who can attract women naturally. A true alpha male is in control of his surroundings; his social interactions, while structured around certain principles, are the opposite of being robotic. The difference with the people who learn it and people who scoff at it is that the former believe that a man can become an alpha; the latter almost always believe such a change is unachievable.

To be supremely concise on what game is all about, I’d select the following five things:

-Being confident.

-Having options and avoiding the stench of neediness.

-Being able to step out of your comfort zone.

-Being disinterested (not uninterested, mind you) in the outcome of any given interaction or relationship.

-Refraining from putting women on pedestals.

I believe that properly learning and applying game can improve the life of any man. Trust me, I’ve had my problems attracting girls over the years, and while I’m still far from what I want to be, I’ve already begun to see a drastic difference in my life. I’m convinced that game can save lives, in more ways than one. I know what it’s like to be subject to that abject loneliness of rejection and being put in the ever-dreaded friend zone. And I also know what it’s like to be sure of myself and confident that I can attract a woman who meets my standards. I most definitely prefer living in the latter state.

Perpetuating The Paltry Platitudes

I’m not beautiful or gorgeous. I haven’t got an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I’m far from being considered model material but I’m me. I eat junk food and love to wear my pj’s and no make up. I’m random and crazy. I am who I am- love me or not, I won’t change ME! Girls, put this as your status if you’re proud of who you are (but wouldn’t mind looking like a model).

This is the latest copy-and-paste status being posted by unattractive girls throughout the facebook world.

Oh the resolute stubbornness of some girls! Instead of looking at their repugnant faces in the mirror with a shred of humble introspection, they take the coward’s way out, hiding under the guise of being satisfied with “who they are” (even though deep down they’re miserable- does that last parenthetical line not say it all?).

Let’s not kid ourselves though; there are men out there with the same mentality- the beta male who declares his dogmatic devotion to a distorted worldview. I imagine the equivalent facebook status would look something like this:

“I’m not witty or charismatic. I haven’t got a sense of humor or a keen social sense. I’m far from being considered a pick-up artist but I’m me. I spend my life in the fantasy world of video games, love to keep myself busy with the minutia of daily life, and believe that love will fall into my lap someday as fate decides. I’m predictable and boring. I am who I am- love me or not, I won’t change ME! Boys, put this as your status if you’re proud of who you are (but wouldn’t mind being able to bed hot babes).”

Our increasingly indolent, entitlement-minded society has spawned more and more people who are numb to the concept of changing themselves. It’s gotten to the point that they actively fight against it. The mantra “Just be yourself” has sunk in like the average American’s ass into a couch cushion, and anyone who questions its validity in the real world is deemed an intolerant hater.

If you are a fat woman or a beta male trying to successfully sift your way through the dating market, it is not only advantageous to change, but imperative. If you want to find a mate who meets your standards (and who doesn’t?), then you first have to meet those standards yourself. Stop making excuses, stop with the smoke-and-mirrors tactics of hollow platitudes, and do what you need to do to be happy. Lose weight. Learn game. Step out of your comfort zone. But don’t ever settle.

Overgaming: Eye Contact

Roissy posted in his blog a few months back a list of “gross errors” made by guys in their “pickup judgment” he observed at a house party he had attended. Not surprisingly, numero uno was:

  • Laser-like focus of his eyes on her eyes.

Most of the mistakes mentioned were the result of running anti-game, but in this case, we have an instance of overgaming, which is the fanatical cousin of game. It is just as ineffective as running no game at all.

The mistake of too much eye contact should be considered overgaming because, well, what better exudes self-confidence and mastery over one’s situation than the ability to make eye contact? I think it’s pretty basic knowledge (among alphas and betas alike) that, in general, making eye contact=good, and failing to make eye contact=bad.

However, there is a time and place for eye contact, just like every other facet of game. During the approach, eye contact should be a key component. When you first meet eyes with a girl, you should hold eye contact until she breaks it, as a sign of dominance. If you are approaching her from a direction from which she can see you (highly recommended), eye contact should be established. But beyond that, the rules are fluid.

Much of it depends on whether you’re approaching a one-set or a two-or-more-set. In the case of the multiple-person set, the Mystery Method teaches that your target, at first, should be given the least amount of attention.  The attention you do give to her should not be in the form of swooning or trying to win her over. It should be in the form of aloofness and negs (all the while calibrating in accordance with how much of an ego deflation your target needs). Eye contact should be distributed among the group equally.

In the case of a one-set, your eye contact will obviously have to be doled out more directly to your target. But that doesn’t mean 100% of the conversation should involve your eyes in laser-lock position. Aloofness must still be demonstrated. Look around the room while you speak, notice other girls, glance at your watch on occasion, don’t invest too much into one approach. Besides coming across as simply creepy, laser-lock eye contact is a sign that too much importance is being put on the interaction. This will lower your value because it will be a display of neediness (vis a vis preselection). You must exude the aura of a been-there-done-that mentality. Girls are keen at picking up on this.

I’m also in the school of thought that too much eye contact can be a negative later in the courtship process. If, for example, you were to tell her a joke (a well-crafted and tasteful one, I’m sure), what would appear more alpha? Locking right in on her eyes as you tell the punchline or looking somewhere else?

I say somewhere else. Locking in on her eyes in such an instance will come across as attention-seeking and needy. You know what you’re saying is funny; you don’t need her to vindicate that for you. I’m not saying to avoid eye contact entirely during the joke. Show her you have faith in it. But once you establish that, don’t cross the needy line.

What must be realized is that there are times when lack of eye contact is just as much an indicator of self-confidence as making eye contact is. And it is only in learning the art of calibration can a PUA exude that self-confidence in each unique situation.

Girlfriend Runs Toward Gunfire For Her Man

I was watching VH1’s 40 Greatest Pranks 3 the other day, and a certain Scare Tactics bit caught my attention.

I’m having trouble finding the actual prank in its entirety online, but this Scare Tactics Season 3 preview shows enough to allow me to illustrate my point. It shows our heroine from 0:30 to 0:36, 1:22 to 1:26, and again from 1:36 to 1:40.

Basically, it went down as follows: a van of friends (including our victim who looks just like Kristen Stewart, and her boyfriend, who was in on the joke) picks up a hitchhiker on the side of the road in the middle of the desert. Turns out he’s been infected with something nasty, as guys with hazmat suits pull over the van. After the hitchhiker is taken away (and then promptly shot, or so she thinks), KrisTwin’s boyfriend (who appeared to be infected) is taken away into a nearby tent. Next thing, she hears gunfire coming from the tent.

And what does she do?

She runs in after him. (See the 1:22-1:26 bit.)

How much do you care to wager her boyfriend was Alpha? (I mean, he was setting her up to get scared shitless on national TV. No beta would do that.) Our brave Bella did not cower in terror, worried only about self-preservation, like so many girls (or hell, people) would do, she went in after him, seemingly more concerned about her man’s life than her own. Her actions were so unexpected that the Scare Tactics crew had to let the cat out of the bag as soon she entered the tent- they didn’t even attempt to hide cameras in there because… well, who runs towards gunfire?

A woman in love, that’s who.

Gentlemen, this is a prime example of a boyfriend having higher status than his girlfriend- the way nature intended. KrisTwin isn’t too bad looking either, so it’s clear he’s DHV’d himself through the roof- all the way to finding a hot girlfriend willing to die for him.


P.S. Note the staunch difference in reactions between our heroine and the other girls who got pranked in this preview. Who would you rather date? KrisTwin, “I’m just a model” girl, or the bitch on the bus who couldn’t even sit in the same seat as the nearby child (whom she thought was in the same position as she was)?