Man Down

man down

A popular conservative blogger, Matt Walsh, has recently joined the male shaming parade of “man up” advocates with this piece Thursday.

Matt is actually a pretty apt dude who writes a lot of top-notch stuff. In fact, I’ve got him on my blogroll. His epic take down of female “logic” in defense of abortion is one of my favorite posts by anybody anywhere. However, this most recent advice, a letter to single men, if followed, will result in only more heartbreak and confusion in their lives. We don’t need more of that.

I’m not going to analyze the entire piece, but I will quote one part that I found most ridiculous. Following that is a comment I left on his site.

No matter what anyone does, or says, or thinks; no matter what we tell ourselves; no matter what society insists, romantic relationships are always serious business. Call it what you want — hanging out, talking, dating — there’s a woman’s heart involved in it. That means you have a responsibility, alright? You have a duty as a human being, as an adult, as a man.

She’s making herself vulnerable to you. You need to honor that, protect it. And if you aren’t looking for anything but cheap sex and another trophy of sexual conquest to hang on the wall in your studio apartment, then you need to protect her from yourself, because you’ll be bringing nothing but disappointment and chaos into her life.

While you correctly identified a few days ago that “rape culture” is a direct result of hook-up culture, you’re way off the mark here, Matt. (I’m usually a fan of your stuff, by the way.) What bothers me most is your appeal to “duty” and “responsibility.”

Duty to whom? THIS shit society? This culture of greed, deceit, and frivolity? This mass (obesity pun intended) of women who have left good men behind for the douchebag or the Ben & Jerry’s? The institution of marriage that has become laughably irrelevant yet soul crushing to those who experience the shitstorm of inane divorce settlements? The future children who will inherit even worse degeneracy and depravity? Tell me, Matt. Who is it that we men owe this commitment to?

Ultimately, men SHOULD take initiative in their lives. They should grow up, learn to take care of themselves, and stop being indecisive pussies. But growing up also means leaving the pretty little lies in the past–particularly, the lie that we men “owe” anything to anyone but ourselves. It isn’t until we embrace that reality that we become true men, and ironically enough, attract more women into our lives than the needy automatons who’ve swallowed the Disney blue pill and wish upon a star for the princess they’ll live happily ever after with.

Sadly, the “man up” phenomenon isn’t exclusively reserved to the feminist leftoid part of the population. It is a surprisingly present mindset in middle America as well, among Christians and conservatives who should know better. And then all the women coming out of the alphawoodwork to congratulate him on setting his fellow men straight. At least some of his readers know the score, though. I leave you with a few adroit musings left by others on his comment section.

From AMM:

Why is this article only about guys needing to “man up”? Quite frankly, I have never had an issue being willing or able to commit to a girl, or call it a “relationship”, or what we were doing as “dating”, it’s always been the women playing those silly games of “well it’s not really a date”, or being unable to commit, or unwilling to. Maybe this article needs to be directed at the young women these days who like to make dating ambiguous, so that us guys don’t know if we’re “dating”, “talking”, or “hanging out”… it’s not just guys who play this game.

The level of stereotyping and generalizing in this article is too damn high.

From freethinker11:

How much more weight do you plan to put on after you’re married and there’s no fear of losing him?

I think the current epidemic of obesity is having a terribly negative impact on marriage.

And a gem from thesvenster:
Let’s stop pretending that most young women WANT a committed relationship while they are “experiencing thier 20s.” Sure, they say they want a loving man in thier lives, but the Actions of American women speak louder than words.

Five Roissy Quotes: Hard Truths Edition

Welcome to another post in the Five Roissy Quotes series. Today I provide you with five Chateau insights on the cold reality of our universe. Five hard (heh) red pill truths:

  • “This is our reality, our world, our universe. Some human beings are worth more than others, and despite our grandiloquent litanies to the contrary, our actions tell us all we need to know, if we are willing to look with open eyes. Remember that the next time a palace guard of the old order tries to tell you what’s in your best interest.” (“Compare And Contrast: Two Bitter Ex-Lovers,” 20 October 2010)
  • “Appearance matters. It is not a social construct that can be willed or legislated away. Cruel human judgment of others based on appearance is an eternal reality of living in this dimension. You may not like it, but reality is never gonna bend to accommodate your tender feelings, so either get with the program and shape up or sink into a silo of snickers bars ticking down the useless remaining years of your fat, foreshortened life.” (“Fat Craps Give Michelle Obama Flak For Telling Uncomfortable Truth,” 5 February 2010)
  • “Some newcomers are aghast when they read my stuff. They think this blog must be a joke or the ravings of a lunatic, a madman driven to the brink by a particularly damaging experience with an ex. No. While I’ve had my joys and sorrows and loves and heartbreaks just like any other man possessing a wealth of experience with women, on the whole most of the women in my life have been and continue to be cherished loves. My lunacy is the clear-eyed vision of Neo after the matrix is revealed to him. Reality makes lunatics of us all, but only those with the eyes to see and the ego to spare ever embrace it unconditionally.” (“Be A Skittles Man,” 19 May 2009)
  • “People often accuse me of being too abstract in my writing; that what I say doesn’t have much real world relevance to the average person, except in the most extreme circumstances and under laboratory conditions. On the contrary, everything I write about has the utmost importance to every one of your lives. The arid world of the theoretical is always lurking there in the shadows, stalking you, ready to pounce and devour you in a flash, leaving you wondering why your dopey new age beliefs or romantic visions of love or confidence that the mudbath of human nature doesn’t apply to normal people like yourself weren’t enough to spare you the claw and tooth attack of reality. You are all slave to your beast masters.” (“A Bike Messenger Lesson,” 28 July 2008)
  • “Women by nature aren’t on your side, the law isn’t on your side, and even lapdog beta males who’ve blinded themselves to reality and unthinkingly toe the PC party line in hopes their status posturing will offer them up a scrap or two of roadworn desiccated pussy don’t have your side as a man. There is every incentive in the world to avoid marriage. It is a fetid corrupt mess, and only radical social change will make it an attractive alternative for men once again.” (“Decivilizing: Human Nature Unleashed,” 23 July 2008)

Once we see reality for what it is, and not for what we wish it was, we can begin the process of tearing down the edifices of falsehood we’ve constructed around us, and become men–men who will naturally become attractive to the opposite sex.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving


I can’t go back, can I?

No. But if you could, would you really want to?

-The Matrix

The red pill really is the gift that keeps on giving. Knowledge of how the world really works is something I revere. I define it as an of understanding of the true nature of humanity—an observation from new context—and the application of that knowledge through game, or learned charisma. I’ve thought of five ways in which this knowledge has enriched my life.

Before I get into that, however, I would like to address my semi-sober Solstice satire post from Saturday. I wrote it in an effort to increase my traffic and to get a reaction out of people with a puerile yet forthright piece. I was successful in both counts. My traffic has never been better (20% of my all-time visit count has come the past three days), and the reactions amused me, though they could have been a bit more clever. Hear-hear to commenter cheesynougats, who lamented:

For one, I am disappointed. The quality of snark in the comments is just subpar. Someone certainly can do better, and this _50 Shades of Grey_ knock-off failure deserves better.

For the record, yes, the post was intended to be stupid and haphazardly written. And no, I’m not that depraved of a human being. It’s not a true story, nor is it based on a true story (though it’s still more realistic than some of the kitsch Hollywood passes of these days).

So anyway, thank you for indulging me in my 50 Shades knockoff–that goes doubly for the haters.


It allows me to truly “be myself” around women.

The most common argument against a man learning game is that by doing so, he isn’t “being himself.” That all the scripts, canned lines, and learned actions are somehow disingenuous or even manipulative. Wrong. Game is nothing less than the way a man presents himself to the world. We all practice game in some sense—from engaging in polite conversation with someone who repulses us to dressing up for an interview. There are times that “being ourselves” just doesn’t cut it. So don’t fault the man who, for whatever reason, has failed in his previous relationships and decides to make conscious changes to ensure he doesn’t repeat those mistakes. If it requires a canned line to approach a woman, when just “being himself” would lead him to say nothing, then by all means, he should use the canned line. Any time a man steps out of his comfort zone, whether in his beliefs or his actions, it means he is doing something contrary to his natural self. I consider myself a completely different person than I was five years ago—my beliefs, my behaviors, my perspectives have all changed considerably. In five more years, they may change even more. And that’s okay. A static life is a boring life.

It has improved friendships and work relationships.

Talking with friends about game and having them as a support system has been an immense help to my ability to attract women and live a fulfilling life. It’s been amazing to note how viewing the world with others through the lens of truth, rather than what we wish was the truth, can solidify bonds and increase the desire to help each other achieve competence in our social skills (and I include fellow bloggers in this). This knowledge has also helped me in my career. I am working where I want to work, on my terms, and a major reason I was able to secure the position was because of what I’ve learned about how to present myself to others. Again, it’s not about being fake; it’s about being confident in my abilities and sell myself in a way that shows that.

I don’t take myself so seriously anymore.

I would have never dreamed of publishing an idiotic post like “Story Time” a few years ago, but I did because it amused me. If people have an issue with it, then that’s their problem, not mine. If they liked it (or any of my other posts), then great; it’s my intention to provide entertainment and valuable insights into the blogosphere, but I don’t lose sleep if I fail. The same attitude goes toward my social relationships. I’ve learned that a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously can approach women and get blown out time and again and remain positive, because he’s in it for a better reason than just getting laid. I don’t interact with women socially simply to “score pussy,” I do it because I genuinely enjoy it. And if relationships develop or sex comes as a result, fantastic. I’m never in desperation mode—I’m just having fun with it—and women pick up on that.

I can no longer play the victim card as an excuse.

When I was younger, and I struggled a great deal with attracting women, the first thing that ran through my mind was, “I just don’t have any luck.” It was the woe-is-me approach, and it only made things worse. Blaming outside forces for one’s own misery will do nothing but cause a negative feedback loop that will ultimately cause even more misery. The victim card is dangerous because it allows us to transfer our faults from ourselves to others. When that occurs, personal responsibility goes out the window. The idea of improving one’s self is a mere afterthought. It’s one of the reasons why feminism is a destructive ideology. Everything is based on getting society to improve rather than the individual. Meanwhile, the individual becomes an insufferable lump of stagnation. Neil Strauss, author of The Game, has long advocated the pick-up principle that no women are bitches. Now, that doesn’t really mean there are no bitches; the fields are plentiful and the harvest is ripe with them. What it does mean is that if we view pick-up opportunities from the mindset that no women are bitches, then our rejections are met with self-reflection (and ultimately, self-improvement), not blame or malice towards external foes. You can probably guess which philosophy works better.

It gives me the hope that true love does exist.

Wow, the tone of this article is awfully sanguine (not common in the Manosphere, I must say). Maybe I’m just in the Christmas spirit. Now, to clear things up, by “true love,” I mean true love, as opposed to false, manufactured, or settled-for love. Being socially adept and possessing an understanding of the female nature is exactly what women want from their men, and anything less than this will cause doubt in their love for them. So much of the “love” beta males receive in today’s society is based on rationalization (“this is the guy my mom always wanted me to marry, he must be right for me”) and the drop of standards (“well, we’re both 39 and have never been in a long-term relationship—if we don’t get married, we’ll end up alone”). Their women don’t truly love them. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on what love really is. Whether it’s intense neuron activity or something more spiritual, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it exists. As Heartiste boldly declared, “Love is the only thing in this world that isn’t bullshit.” But for it to be true, it must be founded on truth. By knowing the truth, and acting on it, men will indeed find more love in their lives. That’s why women’s love for the alpha male has never been stronger.

Merry Christmas to you all. Hope it is filled with joy and merriment! (That goes doubly for the haters.)


Story Time

So I’m in bed with a dime and she says to me, “Willis, what are your goals in life?”

“Simple, Adime,” I respond with my larynx. “To explore the caverns of dimes throughout the world.”

“Not just me? Ain’t I special?”

(backhand slap given to her) “Whad I tell you about talkin in slang woman?! Show some gawddamn class ho!” (another backhand slap given, with a subtle emphasis on turning her back on (she recently orgasmed whilst my canteen of a dick wast roaming her cavern, and I was in a generous mood))

“I am sorry General. It shall never happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t. See……..(pause for effect)…. that it doesn’t.”

“Indeed. And wow just wow. Your pause truly affected me.”

“What else has affected you tonight?”

“O that’s right, Mein Fuhrer, your penis in my vagina.”

“And how did it affect you?”

“With orgasmic pleasure, Sir. You induced cummage upon my quakering body 5.5 times.”

“Let’s make it 7.”

I take her. By this I mean sexual intercourse was had again.

“Goddamn, Professor! I think I might explode!” she says inbetween fits of ecstatic ecstasy.

“Then do it already!”

She does, as if by command.

After the time in which I have no interest in her as a human being passes and my johnson starts boning back up, I turn to her. She says, “You never answered my question. Aren’t I special?”

“You’re more special than that land whale of a sister of yours, Bertha. Because, you see, that land whale of a sister of yours, Bertha, is fat. You’re more special than your friend Marie, because your friend Marie looks like an ugly stick firing squad took aim at her face and left breast. But you’re not more special than your dime-and-a-penny friend Natalie. Natalie’s symmetry pleases me.”

“Cannot we look past such shallow things, Master?”

“No, Adime. For do you not like me for my charm, wit, intelligence, looks, penis size, and extensive Scandinavian stamp collection? Is that not ‘shallow’?”

“I suppose it is. I suppose I simply like to view the world in another way.”

“The false way?”

“What’s false about romanticism, Lord?”

I remind her of her last gentleman suitor. Average height, median weight. Put the schlub in the word schlub. “Do you remember when he strapped on his kneepads and proposed marriage to you?”

“Unfortunately I do.”

“And do you have any recollection of how the beaver felt in that moment?”


“Dry as the Gobi,” I say, alluding to a desert in Asia that is known for not being sexually attracted to beta males.

“Dry as the Gobi,” she echoes.

“Yet he was a romantic, was he not?”

“Aye, Captain.”

“And he was begging you to allow him the privilege to get the State involved in your relationship, for the express purpose of making sure you obtained half of his fortune in the inevitable offchance of divorce.”

A grin formed upon her semen-encrusted lips. “That’s why I said yes.”

“And that’s why you are a whore.”

She gives me the o-face for the 8.5th time of the evening.

“And that’s why,” I continue, “I’ll never marry you.”

“I love you, King,” she swoons.

“Make me a sammich.”

The PC-DC Pussy Willows

gay helmet

*A version of this post appeared on the blog Return Of Kings.

The Washington Redskins, winners of three Super Bowls and one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports, will be changing its team name soon. Sure, owner Daniel Snyder vowed he would “never” change the name, but you can bet that’s a promise he won’t be able to keep. (He already backed down from his original avowal.) Political correctness has permeated itself into Western Culture like blubber in the belly of your average Walmart shopper. Which means 80-plus years of history must be flushed away in deference to an offended few.

Nothing illustrates the insanity of this issue better than a recent discussion on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” a show that features four columnists from across the country who enlighten their lucky viewers not only with their brilliant analyses on the world of sports, but on the social issues that surround it. And by “enlighten” I mean spout left-wing groupthink at a rate that would make even the most strident feminist proud. Not one of these men (using the term loosely) came down in favor of keeping the name Redskins. Not one.

Here’s the transcript (the discussion begins at about the 10:00 mark):

Tony Reali (Host): Last week, President Obama said if he owned the Washington Redskins he’d have to think about a name change. Earlier this week, the NFL moved up a meeting with the Oneida Nation, and today team owner Dan Snyder responded. In a letter to season ticket holders, Snyder maintained his position that the name is a badge of honor and his intention is keeping the nickname. He quoted two surveys, one of them, he says, “90% of Native Americans didn’t find the name offensive,” and also: “I respect the opinions of those who disagree. I want them to know that I do hear them and continue to listen to them, and learn. But we cannot ignore our 81-year history.”

The writing is on the wall. Even the lone person here with a shred of sanity—Redskins owner Daniel Snyder—waters down his remarks with the utmost respect given to the lords of PCism. What exactly do we have to “learn” from the offended, Daniel? That they’re still offended? Newsflash: we shouldn’t care! And 90% of the rest of Indians don’t care either.

Woody Paige: I think he’s totally wrong, and I want to address a couple of points. One, in talking about the history and tradition of the franchise, we have seen over the past 80 years, a lot of changes made in this country, including the fact that we now refer to those who are Native Americans as Native Americans, not by a name that they were given by the Italian when he supposedly came to this country and misspoke about where they belong. Number 2, he talks about the surveys. The surveys, were each about 1,000 people. There were 3 million, the last census, 3 million people who registered as Native Americans, so that is a small sample size. I think he should take more consideration and to call it a badge of honor is such a mistake, I think he needs to back off.

Woody’s never been the most eloquent of speakers, but my lord, this statement is a mess. And completely untrue to boot. In his rambling, I think I can safely conclude that he’s talking about Christopher Columbus—you know, the guy who “supposedly came to this country”—and the taboo name “Indians” he allegedly coined. To quote one of the great red-pillers of our time, George Carlin, “Indian” is a dignified term with a history most are completely ignorant of:

I call them Indians because that’s what they are. They’re Indians. There’s nothing wrong with the word Indian. First of all, it’s important to know that the word Indian does not derive from Columbus mistakenly believing he had reached “India.” India was not even called by that name in 1492; it was known as Hindustan.

More likely, the word Indian comes from Columbus’s description of the people he found here. He was an Italian, and did not speak or write very good Spanish, so in his written accounts he called the Indians, “Una gente in Dios.” A people in God. In God. In Dios. Indians. It’s a perfectly noble and respectable word.

Plus, “Native American” is just a derivation of the name of European explorer Amerigo Vespucci with the word “native” tacked on. Ersatz moniker for the win!

Tim Cowlishaw: Yeah, I would have been okay with what he said if he reversed it. If instead of saying, I’m willing to learn, but we have an 81-year history and tradition. If he had talked about the history first, and then said, but I’m open-minded, I want to learn. We need more than these two surveys to find out if it’s really offensive, that would have been okay.

Sadly, this is the most level-headed statement from our esteemed Obama speech writers sportswriters. A pathetic example, I must say. We need to learn! O teach us, great spaghetti monster of relativism, if this term is offensive or not! Let me ask you, Mr. Cowlishaw, at what percentage would it become acceptable for you to feel okay about using the term Redskin to describe the Washington football team? 91%? 95%? 99.9%?

Bomani Jones: It’s a spectacular level of arrogance, this whole show. But the big thing to remember is that this is George Preston Marshall’s team, both a hall of famer in football and a hall of famer in racism. And Daniel Snyder’s trying to tell me that that man was honoring Native Americans. If you really believe that, then what else are you doing to honor Native Americans other than this name? It’s a slur, stop lying to me.

And for our Victims of Racism™ segment tonight, I present to you Bomani Jones. Crusader against racist owners who’ve been dead for 40 years, who knows the only way to fight arrogance is with more arrogance!

Reali: Back to the survey though, what if 90% of Native Americans don’t find the name offensive? What if Native American high schools on the reservation have Redskin as a nickname, as they do, if that’s the case?

How dare you introduce reason into this group, Reali?! We were having a Racist Haters circle jerk and you ruined it with ridiculously factual hypotheticals! (Don’t you just love it how he has to tiptoe through the truth? The entire point is presented as a great “what if” even though it’s completely true that Indian high schools use Redskin as a nickname.)

Pablo Torre: Well let’s grant that that’s true, for example, and let’s say…I mean, let’s remember that this is a category of a racial caricature, right? That’s what we’re polling about. And so I think there’s a principle as much as there is an empirical research element to this. And if 10% of people, 21% of people, are gravely offended, if their human dignity has been stripped from them on a regular basis, we should probably err on the side of protecting that minority. That’s where we are, I think, in this country in 2013.

Yes, Pablo, “let’s grant” that the truth is actually the truth, since it is we as sackless hack sportswriters who ultimately decide the truth. And nice touch on adding the feminine touch of the dramatic—I’m trying to picture someone whose “human dignity has been stripped” because of the name of a fucking football team. Beta males suffer divorce theft at the hands soul-wrenching vulturous ex-wives every day, but we as a nation are more worried that little Dances With Wolves will be eternally scarred at the sight of Robert Griffin III wearing a picture of an Indian warrior on his helmet.

Paige: Why don’t we also survey all the people who are non-Native Americans? Because, even though I’m 1/16 a Native American, I’m offended by the term. I think a lot of the people I hang out with are offended by the term, and will never use it, and I never write it.

Chief Plays With Wood has a point. White people are more offended by Redskin than red people. Ah, the gifts of feminism just keep giving! White guilt is its fundamental premise.

Jones: Hey, go back and check how many colleges changed their names from Native American mascots and see how few of them were even close to being like “redskin.” They were much more tame and people still found the decency to do better.

Or in other words, if everybody else is doing it–in the name of PC, of course–that makes it right! When will we as a nation man up and just give in to the whim of the minority already?

By the way, for those of you counting at home, that’s 11 instances of the term “Native American” in a 3:00 segment. Carlin is rolling in his grave.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the inevitable. The Redskins will be no more soon, because it’s been arbitrarily decided that, combined together, the words red and skin are a slur. It doesn’t matter that one means a shade of scarlet and the other means epidermis. It doesn’t matter that it only applies to some—it’s perfectly acceptable to call Blacks black and Whites white. What matters is that THIS is a slur. It’s offensive because we have decreed it offensive. It is an etymological fallacy of the highest degree.

In the mean time, I guess we’d better start thinking about some new names for our nation capital’s football team. Maybe the Gay Marriages? the Reproductive Rights? the Community Organizers? I think I’ll play it safe, and go with the name inspired by our gang of sports analysts—the PC-DC Pussy Willows.


Five Roissy Quotes: Alpha Edition

Welcome to another post in the Five Roissy Quotes series. I have yet to explore the Chateau’s best musings on Alphas. Voila:

  • “Women will fondly remember those alpha male intimate moments for years afterwards — in fact, they’ll remember right up until they are reclined on their deathbeds — and their ability to bond with lesser men will be severely compromised.” (“File Under: Five Minutes Of Alpha,” 11 March 2011)
  • “The crux of the matter is that women do not desire men of equal status. They desire men of higher status than themselves. It’s academic from where your status accrues; it could come from game, money, looks, wit, humor, artistic talent, popularity, social savviness or stone cold aloofness. As long as you are higher status than her on some important evolutionarily circumscribed metric, her veins will course with lust for your animal magnetism.” (“Why You Shouldn’t Support Your Girlfriend’s Goals,” 14 January 2011)
  • “Confidence is the result of years of successful interaction with women. A man getting the love of women is a confident man. A man getting scorned is a doubtful man. Confidence is not some abstract, nebulous ephemera that alights like cosmic dust on a man who wills it into existence. Confidence is a manifest set of behaviors and attitudes that reflect a man’s inner emotional harmony. This emotional harmony is better known as “becoming alpha”. A man not getting what he wants in life can observe, learn, and mimic the behaviors of confident men until he starts experiencing the success he wants and his emotional state follows in accordance. There is no definition of confidence that doesn’t include these behaviors and attitudes.” (“Reader Mailbag: Bloupie Edition,” 8 October 2009)
  • “The envious and scandalized often write in the comments here what an unhappy life the inveterate womanizer must lead, jumping from one conquest to another, refusing to embrace the putative alphaness of forgetting to put on the condom and fathering children, as if that’s a great and noble challenge. Good little doggies who play by the rules, trundling their way through arid, dull lives, boost their flagging spirits by imagining that their betters are unhappy, despite the evidence to the contrary. You see, the rule followers despise the rule breakers because they know what it means — if you have something to offer you can get away with breaking the rules. And they follow the rules because… they have nothing else to offer. People will negotiate with the winners on their terms; not so with the losers. They must bend to the whim of the majority.” (“The Lifestyle,” 16 December 2008)
  • “Many want to believe that getting girls is ancillary to being a true alpha male; that the real measure of an alpha lies in his ability to dominate other men, or his command of his environment, or his thirst for swashbuckling adventure.  While these are admirable alpha traits, they are nothing but a means to an end.  Make no mistake, at the most fundamental level the CRUX of a man’s worth is measured by his desirability to women, whether he chooses to play the game or not.  Pussy is the holy grail.  That is why the obese, socially maladroit nerdboy who manages to unlock the gate to the secret garden and bang a 10 regularly is an alpha male.  And that is also why the rich, charming entrepreneur who because of an emotional deficiency or mental sickness lives mired in parched celibacy is not an alpha male.” (“Defining The Alpha Male,” 19 September 2007)

Roissy’s definition of the alpha male has long been controversial among my circle of associates, many of whom stand by the false idea that fathering children is the measure of alpha. But, as you read here, assessing alpha in such a way is ridiculous. It’s all about attitude and status. In fact, siring offspring will likely drain a man of his alphaness, in this society of divorce theft and child support rapeage.

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Be Different


I love this video. Linked from a Return of Kings article, it demonstrates two things. One of them, as discussed in the majority of comments below the article, is the observation of how different society was in 1987 compared to today. As illustrated here, people, not distracted by their smartphones and iPods, were friendlier (even the French). They didn’t mind being videotaped or interrogated by strangers. Approaching was easier. It was a carefree time.

But what do I know? I was two years old in 1987. This is a single glance at a single place featuring people high on the Small World fumes of Walt Disney World. In reality, 1987 was a turbulent time, and violent crime was nearing its apex, more than double what it is today. That’s why I try to avoid blind romanticism of the past. Some things are better, some things are worse. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because of the other thing the video demonstrates, something that transcends the generations. Being different can be used to your advantage.

What normal person would go to 7-Eleven in the middle of the night and do videotaped interviews with every random person who walks into the store? Add in some clever banter, and you’ve got a recipe for social success.

Nothing particularly newsworthy happens during the video. But, in its own silly and insignificant way, it gives a glimpse of what men can do with some balls and a cultivated, unapologetic sense of humor. It is this attitude that women love. A few snippets:

“Oh it’s not on, don’t worry about it…can you sign this form?”

“You pay 10 cents to have less. It’s Weight Watchers.”

“Why’d you come here?” “Just to buy toothpaste.” “Juice bars?”

“You’ve come all the way from France to buy toothpaste?”

“Do you think we could get that mirror surgically removed from your chin?”

“Do they have 7-Elevens in France?” “No, we don’t have 7-Eleven, we have some other–” “We have Seveen Eleveen.”

No one of these comments is going to get a women into bed, but finding a way to develop a pattern of breaking out from the boredom of the world and giving people the chance to see your real personality is an absolutely essential component to being socially competent, and therefore, attractive.

So, those who have taken the red pill and know how to be different, go out there and be different. And in today’s world, that might mean nothing more than just talking to a girl. Add in a little game and it’s game over, man!

16 Ways I Blue-Pilled My Marriage

A rather popular blogger, who goes by the handle Single Dad Laughing, published a post titled “16 Ways I Blew My Marriage.” There’s a follow-up lamentation that increases the total of ways to 31, each of which containing a detailed blurb about what he did wrong and what he would do with a second (actually third–he’s been divorced twice) chance.

If Heartiste’s 16 Commandments of Poon is the hardest-to-swallow red pill, “16 Ways I Blew My Marriage” is definitely its blue pill antithesis. One of them at least. 😎

A list comprised mostly of pointless platitudes and cookie cutter counsel, the only fortunate thing about “16 Ways” was that it was advice meant for his sister. Any self-respecting man who takes this advice (in whole–there are a few decent points) is only sealing his bitter, alimony-paying future.

31 ways to fix a marriage seems cumbersome, not to mention beta. Leave it to the bereft mind of the AFC to believe that treating female attraction and love like a checklist of logical do’s and don’ts based off what women say they want is the path to success. That’s why the 16 Commandments are so powerful; they are based in what women really want, not what they claim or what men think they should want. They aren’t logical; that’s exactly why they work. The cliche “if I do something to please her she’ll love me and if I do something to anger her she’ll hate me” mindset is relationship cyanide.

I will not cover all the ways here–many are inconsequential to the tingle. The points I do mention, however, contain a wealth of feminist approved marriage counseling. I will copy them over in their original form–I felt it was fitting that they were done in blue. So without further ado Single Dad Laughing (henceforth dubbed SDL) and the ways he blue-pilled his marriage:

1 Don't Stop Holding Her Hand

You’ll quickly observe that not all of SDL’s admonitions are 180° away from the truth. This is one of those instances. Kino=good. Even the herbiest of the betas knows this deep down. But the problem isn’t that he didn’t hold her hand; it’s that once the love was gone, she didn’t want him to hold her hand. It wouldn’t have mattered. In fact, it probably would have produced a subconscious pelvis reaction in her revealing her deep-seated disdain for him.

2 Don't Stop Trying To Be Attractive

SDL is correct in this realization; he is incorrect in its implementation. Thinking like a man, he assumes his attractiveness is completely composed of his looks and grooming, when in fact those things are just the icing on the cake of a man’s suite of traits necessary for making women swoon. And sadly, appearance is not even in the top three.

6 Don't Call Names

Read carefully. Only one person in the marriage was actually calling the other names, and it wasn’t our betadaddy. Yet he seems to take full responsibility for it. Oh, the mind tricks men will succumb to…

7 Don't Be Stingy With Your Money

Sure, there’s no need to be a miser. But the “buy whatever you want, whenever you feel you need it, sweetie-poo” policy will simply get her into a habit of  spending your money that won’t slow down until long after the divorce.

9 Don't Encourage Each Other To Skip Working Out

Sometimes betas get so close to the truth it scares them. He’s absolutely correct. “I don’t care if you let yourself go” is hamster talk. It isn’t reality. As much as they try to convince themselves otherwise, men don’t want to be in a relationship with a fat-ass. They can tell themselves all day they love their Pillsbury Dough Wife, but they know deep down something is wrong. Love without attraction isn’t real love.

As for his do-over wish, you must be the change you want in your world. As nice as feminine support and encouragement can be, a real man would stay healthy on his own, and realize that if his wife didn’t respect him enough to reciprocate, he would have the prerogative to look elsewhere for real love.

11 Don't Stop Kissing Her

See #1. He can wish to Kingdom Come that he’d have kissed “any time she secretly wanted a kiss” but it wouldn’t have mattered once her ice curtains closed on him. Like many on this list, this one is trying to treat a symptom, not a cause. The only way to salvage a marriage like this is to show up with the lipstick of another woman on his collar.

12 Don't Stop Having Fun Together

This one is actually on the mark. But I can’t help but think, after reading so much from the haters over the years, that this sounds like a “tactic” being advocated by someone not “being himself.” I mean, our ex-husband friend had no reason to impress his wife anymore, and vice versa. The reason they stopped having fun together was because they didn’t want to have fun together. They’d settled. The charade was over.

13 Don't Pressure Each Other

Values differences might make for good flings or short-term relationships, but you’re asking for trouble in a marriage. A woman who doesn’t feel at all subject to your values is a woman who can rationalize doing anything to you.

16 Don't Emotionally Distance Yourself After A Fight

Sounds like advice a modern marriage counselor would give. Such people tend to be reality-deniers who believe the way to the road to cultivating a successful relationship is done one way–by “communicating emotions and feelings,” as our author suggests. Simply put, this is bad advice. At best, it is incomplete. Just look at the guy who eats it right up. He never took the opportunity to take advantage of fights with sex. And he’s never realized that the passion that makes up “make-up sex” so storied isn’t because of the making up, it’s because of the fight itself.

17 Don't Stop Bringing Her Flowers

Gift-giving is a fool’s errand. There are certain times in a relationship in which it can be effective; on the whole, it does only harm once the attraction is gone. Remember one of Roissy’s maxims:

Maxim #87: The more expensive or thoughtful the gift you give a girl, the greater the risk that she will subconsciously begin to think she is too good for you.

Corollary to Maxim #87: If you are dating out of your league, or you are dating a young hot babe in her prime, you should do the exact opposite of what everyone will tell you to do — *don’t* buy her expensive gifts. Be particularly wary of advice from women. No woman in the world is capable of thinking clearly or impartially on the matter of “acceptable” levels of male provisioning. Even old, fat hausfrau hogs will expect mountains of jewels in offerings from men.

20 Don't Be Passive Aggressive With Her

“Um, Sweetums, please point out when I’m being passive aggressive so that I can rephrase things in a productive way,” said no alpha ever.

22 Don't Touch Her Only When You Want Sex

Not bad advice, but again, it’s nothing that will save a marriage on the rocks. How about instead you go out to a club one night, call her suspiciously (making sure she can hear other girls around), come home late, and then bang her up against a wall when you get home…

27 Don't Think You're Smarter Than She Is

“Over-bloated confidence” is the heart of game, my friend. No need to be a know-it-all. There are ways to show dominance over your woman without you coming off as a sniveling shit. A truly confident man will feel no need to prove himself right or get a reaction out of her; he and his woman will simply know that he leads. He doesn’t have to be objectively smarter to do this; the perception just has to be that he is.

30 Don't Demand That She Tell You What She's Thinking

This is another of the few good ones. I just included it to give you a picture of how beta this guy was. Any guy who asks his girlfriend or wife what she’s thinking should lop off and donate his testicles to science. Right now.

31 Don't Buy Into Your Grandparents' Gender Roles

And that, good sir, is why you lose. Our grandparents didn’t just come up with their “gender roles” out of the ether; they are biological realities. There is no denying our true natures.

Speaking of grandparents, imagine an alpha from the days of yore. Sean Connery, John Wayne, James Dean, Cary Grant. Now think back to this list. How many of these things can you seriously picture them abiding by? You could probably count them on one hand. Can you imagine Rhett Butler convincing himself he’s not as smart as Scarlett? Or “to buy whatever she wanted, whenever she felt like she needed it?”

Would the love have vanished because of these “failures”? Would his marriage have been on the rocks? Keep dreaming.

More Alpha Inspiration From Sick Puppies

A couple years ago, I brought to you a lyric video of the rock band Sick Puppies’ “Riptide,” a good example of alpha attitude. As I’ve listened to more of the Tri-Polar album, I’ve become more and more enthralled by another song contained on it: “So What I Lied.” Give it a listen, and tell me you don’t think lead singer Shimon Moore could run his own Manosphere blog.


I’ll post the lyrics here. And while they pretty much speak for themselves, I’ll add a few hyperlinks and thoughts in red pill crimson font.

The window’s cracked, I’m looking out
I see her and I’m filled with doubt
I don’t know if this parking place
Is just another empty space
Words I’ve said aren’t coming true
I don’t know if it’s me or you
This promise is too hard to keep
I have to speak

Our singer faces guilt, one of the five roadblocks to game. How he will handle it will determine his alpha or beta nature.

So what, I lied
But the truth would’ve been suicide
Monogamy is all she wants from me
But I see my life
And it’s way too short
Don’t blame me for not being subservient to others’ needs
I’m at the point where honesty just doesn’t fucking work for me

What a narcissist! you might think. Maybe so, but he’s just coming to grips with his own nature. Not to mention giving women exactly what they want.

I did my best to try and be
A mirror of society
But we both know the mirror’s cracked
And everybody’s in the act
Faking what they cannot feel
Hoping they can make it real
Reality is killing me

The hamsters are strong among the human race. When reality meets mere potentiality, reality wins every time. Eventually.

So what, I lied
But the truth would’ve been suicide
Monogamy is all she wants from me
But I see my life
And it’s way too short
Don’t blame me for not being subservient to others’ needs
I’m at the point where honesty just doesn’t fucking work for me

Monogamy is all she wants from me
But I see my life
And it’s way too short

Erect a life I’ll never see
I’ll stand back from the scenery
And laugh at all the other guys
Who never could escape in time
Stuck like flies on sticky tongues
Chewed up ‘fore their life is done
I’m not here to compromise or apologize

This is the verse that stands out. Male polygamy and female hypergamy apologize to no one, and our uncompromising alpha, under the full effects of the red pill, knows it. In no place can I better find an example of the dichotomy of fates between those who take the red pill and those who take the blue pill.

So what, I lied
But the truth would’ve been suicide
Monogamy is all she wants from me
But I see my life
And it’s way too short
Don’t blame me for not being subservient to others’ needs
I’m at the point where honesty just doesn’t fucking work for me

Life-is too fucking short
It’s too fucking short
It’s too fucking short

28,000 days on this planet, Mystery pointed out. And most of us have burned through at least 1/3 of those already. What we do with those few precious days we have left is up to us, of course. And most men will live and die forgettable mediocrities. But when we step back and face cold-hard reality, like Shimon has done, who can blame him for unlatching the shackles of beta servitude and going after his true desires?

I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea of monogamy, but as this song points out, in most cases it’s just that: an idea. A wish. A pipedream. Not that it can’t come true, but if you’re finding it to be elusive, don’t let yourself die a bitter old man who never pursued what he want because of your stubborn insistence on “making it work.”

“It’s About My Cock. In Your Ass.”

Recently, George from 3rd Milennium Men valiantly defended this outpost of masculinity, aka the Manosphere, in an interview on The Huffington Post’s website. Rollo posted a thought-provoking response, expressing sentiments I would mostly echo. I wouldn’t come down as hard on George as Rollo did–he felt he “dropped the ball” in the interview. Personally, I thought he did well, laying out a slew of red pill responses to the pablum being spouted by the rest of the panel. (To be to fair, Rollo later admitted he was a little too harsh in his first assessment.)

Regardless, after watching the interview, I have come to the conclusion that trying to convince people on any sort of mass scale, particularly in their frame (as Rollo observed in his main post), is completely and utterly pointless. Why? Because we’re on the defensive.

It won’t work. It can’t work. We should know that by now.

It’s ironic that our central message is Game, yet we forget one of the most basic lessons any dude who bought Rules of the Game should have learned by page 125: defensiveness is the antithesis to Game. When we are seeking approval, we aren’t in control. We don’t have an “I am the prize” mentality. And adios to the aloofness women crave. We seem to be able to get this when it comes to attracting women to our individual personalities, but when it comes attracting people to our message we become the same needy betas many of us worked so many years to change away from.

The remedy? Have a look at what Rational Male reader Haniel has to say:

Posts like this make me truly grateful for Rollo’s presence in the manosphere. I am frightened by the thought of the manosphere going mainstream, because I know that it will only be allowed to go mainstream in order to water it down and ridicule it.

Know this: you were brought on that show to be ridiculed in order to discredit the manosphere. The manosphere has grown enough and has had a large enough influence that they now have to deal with it. This is phase one. And being anonymous just gave them a freebie. Not that it matters: they could’ve taken one of a hundred different posts and laughed at it like they did your eye-fucking one(which is great advice to us in the know).

As an aside, hearing those ladies drone on was near unbearable. I haven’t watched TV in years, so I had almost forgotten that airheads that like are allowed air time. Seriously, most of their arguments were simply emphasizing buzz words (“It’s about honesty, It’s about togetherness…”). There was absolutely no substance at all. I just wanna go on that show and repeat whatever one of the women say back to them after running a quick find/replace algorithm:

“It’s about my cock. In your ass.”

And the other lady admitted she spent her youth in bars chasing bad boys. And her husband had weekly friend-date-nights in which he listened to her talk about her problems with her latest guy. And after a few years of this he got the prize of marrying her. And that’s how it should work out happily ever after? YEAH YOU SURE SOLD ME ON BEING A NICE GUY.

I couldn’t have said it any better. This panel of feminist marionettes wasn’t interested in learning something from George; they were interested in finding a bully they could band together and fight against. Add in the fact the anonymity automatically puts him in an impossible position, and we have a recipe for a Manosphere beatdown.

I want you guys to ask yourself a question; think hard (heh) for a second. What is the Manosphere really about? When the stones are laid bare (double heh), why are we here? Why are we writing? Why are we reading?

My answer is simple:

It’s about improving the quality and quantity of women I have in my life. Or, in Haniel terms, “It’s about my cock. In your ass.”

And, as a corollary, if I happen to assist a fellow man in a similar endeavor, awesome. If not, I won’t lose any sleep at night. And it certainly isn’t worth giving up my anonymity. As super commenter Ya Really wrote:

It’s retarded to me that people would even consider expecting the Manosphere/PUAs to use their real names/faces. Once your ideas are attached to your real life persona, you have to censor them so it doesn’t affect your day-to-day life/career/reputation/etc. We can have honest discussions because of our anonymity.

I’ve fucked a bunch of married chicks, and because of that I can explain all sorts of shit about attraction, hypergamy, alpha/beta dynamics, the psychology behind backwards rationalization, etc. that can help men. You think I’d want my real name/face plastered everywhere to score a few brownie points on a news clip? Lol

Plus like I said, it wouldn’t even make a difference. If you showed your face they’d just label you creepy because of your haircut or your movie posters in the background or one of 10,000 other things. All being anonymous did was give them an easy shit-test, like wearing a fuzzy hat to a bar.

That’s it. I’m not out to change the world, or convince the multitudes, or get people to like me. I’m out to find sex and love. The Manosphere is a medium through which I can teach and learn those things. Call me a socially inactive MGTOW if you wish, but there’s nothing more I want to do, much less can do. I’ve observed that we concern so much of our time on this planet worrying about things we cannot control (who will be president, global warming, how successful our favorite sports team is) and not enough on the things we truly can. That’s my focus.

I’ve tweeted that the Manosphere should neither be mainstreamed nor defended. We can’t completely control whether or not it gets mainstreamed, but we can certainly control how defensive we are about it. And as the Roosh prophecy continues towards fulfillment, perhaps we can channel our inner Haniel a little more often. So the next time some manboob lackey or feminist harridan “challenges” you, worry only about amusing yourself, and those men who have some sense and like the take-no-shit attitude will find us and the truths we espouse.

What’s the Manosphere about?

It’s about my cock. In your ass.

Why do girls date jerks?

Because their pussy wants a pounding.

Why don’t you reveal your face?

Because my face makes pussy cum.